Free Drupal Hosting

Are you a drupal lover? Do you want to build a website using the power of the drupal cms? Well we will show you how to do it. If you are looking to start your drupal based website on a free or paid web hosting, we put together a list of the best hosting companies, perfect to run your drupal website. Not only the best hosting companies, but also the best drupal templates / themes providers are listed on this page.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a powerful cms (content management system), which can be used for community websites, blogs, online portals, corporate websites, etc. Easy to install if your hosting company provide a one click installation software for it. Drupal websites can updated easily, without knowing any programming language. On the official drupal website are available several plugins and modules, that will help you to create a more custom website with image slides, image galleries, custom templates install, etc.

What is Drupal Hosting?

When you decide to build a website with drupal, firs you should try it out on your home computer, installing a virtual server software, called XAMPP or WAMPP. This will help you to try out the power of the drupal cms, right on your computer, without purchasing a hosting account. You can also try out drupal using a free drupal hosting. When you have a little know how with drupal, and you are ready to test it on your own business or personal website, than we recommend to use a paid web hosting. The most used type of hosting for drupal websites are the shared plans.

What is are Drupal Themes?

Visiting different drupal websites, you will realize that most of them use the basic skins. If you want that your website to be different from other drupal websites, than you should use a personalize drupal theme. There are available many free and commercial templates around the web. The following list will help you to find the best free and paid drupal templates. If this is not enough for your needs, you can also search for a professional drupal development company, that will help you to create a full customized website.

Free Drupal Resource

Like I said before, on the official drupal website ( you can find all modules and free themes that you need to create your website. You will also find there a full documentation about the drupal project and some helpful tutorials. Or if you are an advanced druapl user, you will find good money making opportunities in the job sections.