Free WordPress Hosting

If you want to build your first blog, than it’s time to learn some tricks. The most popular blogging platform is wordpress. This great web script is used by millions of bloggers around the world. Well if you are planning to make your first website, that would look and run like a blog, we have some recommendation for you.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a very easy to use free web script, that run on php programming language and require mysql database. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have any technical skills to manage a blog. If you are good in the Microsoft Office program, than you can easily update your website with fresh content: pictures, videos, articles and anything you want. You can download the script from, and here you will also find all the documentation you need to start building your website.

What is WordPress Blog Hosting?

You can have a free web hosting for wordpress and also a free domain on wordpress’s official website. If you want something more professional, you should buy an LTD domain for your website and host it on a free or paid host. Free host is recommended when you are at the beginning of building your wordpress website. When you think to build a professional wordpress website, you should move on a shared or dedicated hosting. These two’s will give you more flexibility and security than the free web hosting. Here are some free and paid hosting, that will allow to start your blog in few minutes.

What is a WordPress Theme?

Each website have their own design. To change the style of your wordpress blog is very simple. From the back end administrator panel, you can manage your wordpress themes and change the design with one click. The are available so many free and commercial wordpress themes around the web which will help you to personalize your website as you want.
WordPress Themes and Plugins

When you are going to build your own business website and want something more from your blog, than you will need to install some plugins and addons to your wp website. These will help you to create more customized layouts, image sliding, ads managers and different kind of features that a professional website need. It is good to have a well organized design and blog, because people will like your website and will come back for fresh new content.

Remember, that your website success start at the reliability of your hosting service.