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Introduction to Web Hosting Industry

It’s very important to know the different kind of web hosting services and their benefits. It is the most important before choosing a web hosting provider for your websites. If you just started to make a website and need a hosting account, but you don’t know that which is the most suitable for your website need, well here we listed different types of hosting services for different website needs.

Best Free Hosting

Free web hosting is the most popular in the hosting industry. This is really for free? Yes! Why is the web hosting for free? Because there are lots of beginners who just starting to learn how to create a website and how to manage files using a FTP client or File Manager system. With free hosting beginners also can learn how to add a domain to their hosting account, how to manage different application using a control panel, etc. Most of free hosting companies does not allow only sub-domains, and in most of the cases are forcing your website to display their ads. We do not recommend using this type of web hosting for professional web sites. You may be interested in a quality design as well? Choose from a wide range of website templates and find the most suitable style for your business website.

Shared Web Hosting

If you are ready to move forward and build a website for your business, or just wanted to have a blog or hobby website with your own domain name, that it’s time to get a shared web hosting. This is not a free service, but you will have a considerable advantage in managing your domains and websites. The price of shared hosting may vary from company to company, but usually it is bellow $10/mo. This hosting is called shared, because your websites are shared on the same server with several other users’ websites, that can cause some times slow site loadings and server down times. You may check out joomla hosting if you want something else.

If you are looking to buy a reliable hosting service for your small business website at an affordable price, I suggest checking out WebHostingMedia, a great resource of hosting reviews, tutorials and helpful industry related articles. eHost is their featured hosting provider, because offers reliable and affordable hosting service for small businesses.

Dedicated Hosting

This hosting service is usually used by really big companies and websites, which need large storage, bandwidth capacity and high security. There are two types of dedicated hosting services: managed and unmanaged. The unmanaged, called also self managed is that when the user has the full control over the websites hosted on that server. The user can manage and secure the websites itself. The managed hosting are used for those who don’t have the time to manage their server. This is more expensive than an unmanaged hosting.

Similar to dedicated hosting, but a much cost efficient hosting package is the virtual server, where you get root access, but you will not be able to fully control the server. InMotion Hosting is a good example, where you can get both virtual and dedicated servers at an affordable price.

There are the most used types of hosting. When you decide to move from a free to a paid hosting, the most important is to deal with reliable companies. Learn before you are going to purchase a hosting plan, read web hosting reviews and choose only the best web hosting.

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