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Advantages of Linux Hosting

Every web site on the internet is hosted on a web server that is managed through the use of an operating system, similar to how you control your computer through the operating system. This aspect of web hosting is quite often overlooked, and a lot of novice webmasters don’t even know what kind of operating […]

Hiring a Good SEO Professional

Search engine optimization (or optimizers), more commonly known as SEO, is a unique way to promote a website through web search results.  Most websites are concerned about their visibility to potential clients and strive to maximize their exposure through whatever marketing means available. To some, hiring an SEO may seem like the ideal situation.  The […]

Web hosting and FTP clients

Using a FTP client is a quite necessary aspect of the webmaster’s job. This is even more the case if you have several websites that you must update on a constant basis.  The following article should assist you in better understanding what the FTP client does and how to use it for web hosting. What […]

Domain Names Explained

Numbers are given to people to identify them on their driver’s license or their social security card.  Domain names are no different.  Beneath each domain name is a numerical process that translates a local website address into a word or phrase. Having a domain name individualizes each and every website, making each online property unique. […]

Finding The Most Ideal Web Hosting

The rainbow of web hosting plans can be overwhelming for any webmaster, novice or advanced.  From shared “unlimited” to VPS hosting plans, which one is actually suitable for your endeavors? The myriad of options in web hosting can be akin to comparing apples to oranges.  However, we hope this article will help you sort the […]