Environmental Friendly Web Hosting

Gone were the days where web hosting companies with out-dated server and hardware which require huge volume of energies are now replaced by those which are more economical in their power usage as well as those which are committed to the environment. An ancient hardware will demand more power and gets hotter than the newer model. Any hardware which consumes lesser power is of higher demand as they are less expensive and tend to be more user-friendly especially in shared hosting environment.

Green Web Hosting

More and more business owners are looking for web hosting companies which care about the environment, and are committed in making sure that the environment is well protected to ensure its longevity. Of all the different hosting strategies, utilizing of renewable energy is the fastest and most economical way to being a green web host. Any green web hosting provider which chooses to use renewable energy instead of electric power is greatly committed in sustaining the well-being of our environment because it requires huge financial investment fund to start up this operation. Not many companies are willing to take up this risk because it takes at least 10 years time for the company to start enjoying their returns, while for many, they might be losing out their grounds along the way if their strategies and financial background is not strong enough.

Another way to practice for a greener environment is to generate green power, such as the use of solar panels on the roof of the building to power their own computers and machines, or the use of hydro-electricity to support their web hosting operations.

Some companies are looking aggressively to eliminate or reduce the usage of human produced carbon dioxide because it has largely threatening the health of the world. Possible methods to support this is by discouraging as many carbon-producing activities as you possibly can, and also to replace the amount of emissions which cannot be replaced by subsidizing and investing in carbon credits projects with the objective of reducing carbon as much as possible.

Apart from all these, companies which often ask for feedback from their customers and employees on how they can do more for the society deserves great respects and support from the public, for sure they aren’t doing all these to please the media, but are well committed in making sure that our environment is as user friendly as possible. Employers which encourage their employees to go for car-pooling, recycling, paperless, energy saving computers, monitors and servers, allowing employees to telecommute etc are some good examples of environmental-conscious employers which deserved to be praised and supported by the local government.

Last but not least, one should start to see the benefits of green internet marketing instead of the current marketing strategies for whatever space that they are available for as much as possible. Even a slight 10% of having this replaced might help to reduce the marketing budget by at least 20-30%. The objective of green internet marketing strategy is to reduce the dependency of using non-earth friendly marketing but instead encourage more online marketing such as organic marketing, social media advertising, pay per click search engine marketing, etc. All these digital marketing enforce for paper-less marketing is another huge step which one can take to be more environmental friendly.