Finding the Right Web Host

Multiple Domains With Each Account

Do you have to pay for multiple hosting accounts just for adding another domain? Stay away from anyone that doesn’t offer hosting more domains under one account. Great for expanding your business down the line, but not your hosting bill!

Control Panel Ease of Use

Look for companies that offer a demo of their control panel and see how easy it is to find things. There’s one company that is very famous (they shall remain nameless) who seem totally distracted by their cute spokesmodels while their site continues to get more and more complicated with time. Takes three times longer than anyone else to get simple stuff done, so make sure you see a demo first!

Customer Service and Options for Getting Support

This one is difficult to test out when you’re comparing web hosting companies, but you can always try to give them a call to see how fast they respond or what kind of guarantees they have. An 800 number? Chat support? Maybe even you’re own personal support representative? Make sure there are multiple options available and that will tell you how responsive they are.

Bandwidth + Storage

Beware anyone that doesn’t offer unlimited everything. Disk space costs virtually nothing these days so beware of anyone that has limitations on size and amount of data transfer.

App Installation

A nice perk… see what kinds of programs you can install automatically with your service. Can really save a lot of time, especially if you’re a beginner.

Free Domain Registration?

This one speaks for itself. It’s really handy if your hosting company offers a free domain registration along with your hosting account. Makes it a lot easier to keep track of!

Last But Not Least – Cost

You shouldn’t have to pay more than $4-$5 per month. Granted you can usually only get that kind of price if you pre-pay for a year or more. But believe me, there’s a lot more piece of mind that comes with pre-paying a year in advance. (Take it from someone who used to be on a monthly plan and watched a hosting account disappear because the credit card expired.)