New Web Hosting Provider

It is important that if you do not find proper services then you switch to another web hosting provider because otherwise instead of increasing the efficiency of your business you might degrade your business. To achieve goodwill is easier than maintaining it. So it is better to provide efficient ways to promote your business rather waiting for results.

So if you are planning to shift from one web hosting provider to another, in beginning might feel to be difficult however it is not so if the process is followed in simplified ways and without any panic.

Requirements for web hosting

An important point that one needs to keep in mind is in regard to this is not to withdraw the present account till the procedure for new account is that. This way your business is not hampered. You can continue your presence online till the new one is all set even if you are not satisfied with the services of the older one. Even once it is all done it is better to check the services till some time. If the old account is blocked before initiating or verifying the smooth services then you might lead to major trouble if the efficiency of new account is not up to a mark.

In order to increase the efficiency of the process of shifting to a new web hosting provider then here are the basic steps that will help you out in best possible ways.

Following are the eight simple steps one should follow, so as to make sure that his site moves easily without experiencing any downtime.

Creation of a new account: As soon as you select the new host for yourself then you should agree on a certain plan as per your requirements so that creation of a new account can take place quickly. At this point of time the user is the owner of two accounts, the first one with the old owner and next one with the new provider.

Download all the files present on the old account and upload same on new account: Once you are done with the creation of new account then you need to go back to the old account in order to download all the necessary files. This can easily be done with the help of making a connection with the ftp of the web host. Then you need to upload them to new.

Create e- mail accounts: Then you need to create the same e- mail account in order not to loose any of the older mails. This way you can have the same information on both.

Check links and files and then alter DNS: Next you need to verify the website by making use of provisional URL address through the new host. The provider shall then give you the DNS.

Circulate the DNS: Domain name once modified needs to be propagated. And its after this the site is visible from the new web hosting provider.